Founded in 1903 as a local automobile club, the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) is now a well known and trusted business operating in the areas of motoring and other transports, the home, leisure and travel. However, despite owning a healthy share of the Victorian market, RACV experiences an ageing customer base and, amongst the younger demographics, the brand attracts more suburban and regional members over inner–city dwellers. Meanwhile, the state of Victoria is becoming younger, urban and multicultural — 28% of Victorians are born OS — leaving RACV with a knowledge gap in how to address this changing market.

Chinatown exploration, 2018 RACV + RMIT | what we made | future ensemble

We worked directly with RACV General Manager of Membership Experience and Chief Digital Officer to design future member experiences that would be more relevant to these new markets and demographics.

After defining that urban millennials in Victoria were more likely to engage with corporations adopting a progressive value set and an entertaining brand identity, we partnered with RMIT School of Design Master of Design, Innovation and Technology (MDIT) to envision how RACV could better communicate and engage with urban millennials, or simply learn about their needs, behaviours and attitudes.

Space rendering, 2018 RACV + RMIT | what we made | future ensemble

Over a few months. the students developed a series of immersive and interactive pop–up spaces aiming to attract millennials through multiculturalism and entertainment; and design concepts were pitched to a live panel composed of RACV stakeholders, designers and architects at studio end.

Final pitch, 2018 RACV + RMIT | what we made | future ensemble

At the end of this project, RACV updated their corporate strategy to ensure greater relevance to all Victorian socio–demographics and mandated a stronger focus on developing new products better targeted to younger generations. Relevant design opportunities were handed over to RACV internal design team.