The Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) engaged future ensemble to explore ways to modernise and integrate its records and knowledge management services and practice.

Over the course of six months, we worked in close partnership with the Service Design and Solutions Team Manager in DET's Knowledge, Privacy and Records portfolio to shape and deliver a plan for building capability and service quality. In doing so, we took an experience–led and participatory design approach to identify a number of brand, product and service design concepts that would help DET address its business and service user challenges.

Meeting, 2018 DET Victoria | what we made | future ensemble

We began by conducting design research to understand the environment and identify common user and organisational pain points. By charting these pain points on a a current state service experience map, the team could clearly identify where there were intersections between business drivers, product offerings and service user challenges.

We then ran participatory design workshops to creatively explore ways to solve these pain points. Several design concepts emerged through post-workshop synthesis and were each unpacked on a business model canvas. We sought to demonstrate how these concepts responded to each of the identified organisational and service user problems, and brought them to life through the creation of a future state service experience map. An implementation roadmap was also developed to help DET understand how these concepts could be sequenced and timed to achieve maximum impact.

Booklet, 2018 DET Victoria | what we made | future ensemble

We finally produced a white paper as a way to engage Executives across DET to partner with Knowledge, Privacy and Records in the delivery of service concepts. At the time of writing, three of our concepts are being implemented internally by the Department.