Racing Victoria engaged future ensemble to take a speculative design approach and re–imagine their relationship with their most valued customer group: the Victorian thoroughbred racehorse owners.

The research we’ve conducted showed that improving the ownership experience meant to embrace digital and tackle the root–causes of some industry–wide issues such as concerns with animal welfare.

Horse, 2017 Racing Victoria | what we made | future ensemble

After mapping the current end–to–end thoroughbred racehorse ownership experience, we proposed a series of ten strategic design concepts to address its pain points. Together, they represent a broad depiction of a preferable future state ownership experience as it would unfold across the different stages of ownership, from the initial considerations surrounding the purchase of a thoroughbred horse, all the way to the sale and/or reconversion of retired racehorses.

Owner journey, 2017 Racing Victoria | what we made | future ensemble

This project is also an initial thought–piece on the digitisation of the thoroughbred racehorse ownership experience and how the design of new digital assets could complement and enhance Racing Victoria current product and service portfolio.

Whilst working on this strategic and speculative vision, we’ve also helped Racing Victoria to rethink their Owners’ tiered program from a service design perspective.