The Australian Marriage Equality Postal Survey was a national survey designed to gauge support for legalising same–sex marriage in Australia. Held between September 12 and November 7, 2017, voting was voluntary. Queer rights associations denounced it was the first time Australians were given the chance to officially express a view — any view — on homosexuality.

Organised by future ensemble and Brunswick Street Gallery in the lead up to the Postal Survey, RESPECT — A Queer Affair was an art exhibition and schedule of community events aiming to promote positive messaging towards and within the Queer community, especially the most–at–risk youth.

Block party, RESPECT — A Queer Affair | art | future ensemble

Over a two–week period, RESPECT — A Queer Affair:
– Provided a community space to celebrate all things LGBTIQ+ to coincide with the postal survey on marriage equality.
– Sent out positive messages to the LGBTIQ+ and broader community encouraging respect in all forms.
– Raised money for Minus18, a youth–led not–for–profit organisation improving lives of LGBTIQ+ youth through self–empowerment and social inclusion.

Adam Bandt, RESPECT — A Queer Affair | art | future ensemble

Opened by Green Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt and Comedian Kirsty Webeck, RESPECT — A Queer Affair featured 5 events and 80 artworks, including pieces by renowned Australian artists Caleb Shea and Samuel Hodge.

With 61.6% “yes” responses to the postal survey and a total turnout of 79.5%, a parliamentary debate ensued, eventually leading to the legalisation of same–sex marriage in Australia.

RESPECT — A Queer Affair was proudly sponsored by the Clifton Hill/North Fitzroy Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank, the City of Yarra, Meld Studios, Academy Xi and Local Peoples, Citizens of Good Design and Social Impact.